… He began to denounce the cities in which most of His miracles were done, because they did not repent … “I say to you that it will be more tolerable for the land of Sodom on the judgement day, than for you.”

Mt 11: 20, 24

+ + +

These are the words of Jesus as he preached from city to city after preparing His disciples for ministry.  You can read them fully in the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 11.

It is difficult to read His words and not see their clear application to the United States and the West today.

We have been the beneficiaries of many, many of God’s blessings.

We have settled a land that is rich in resources, been populated by brave, industrious and faithful men and women, boys and girls who tackled the challenges of big cities and undeveloped wilderness.

We have been given the wisdom of faithful men who fashioned the world’s first federal republic and its sound constitutional principles that led to over two centuries of peace, lawful civic life and community.

We have had the safety of two ocean borders and legions of brave men who fought and died to preserve this land and its people.  We have faced evil and defeated it.  We prospered beyond anyone’s reasonable expectation or imagination.

Yet, now we scorn faith, and attack Christ, Christianity and those who believe.

Yesterday we learned that Iran fired a missile within 1500 yards of our naval vessels in the international waters of the narrow Straits of Hormuz.  China continues to build artificial islands in the open waters of the Pacific Ocean.  North Korea claims it has the capacity to strike the United States with a nuclear missile.  Russia invades Ukraine and flexes its muscles in the Middle East. ISIS continues its atrocities in the Middle East and its sympathizers attack us and our friends in Europe in ours cities.  Christians are being persecuted, killed and driven from their homes in Syria and other Middle East nations.  Israel is left in great jeopardy.

A nation of God’s many blessings, shamelessly we do little as to the above.

Our President does not respond to these matters, cannot name Islamic terrorism, is unwilling to protect our borders, neglects allied relationships, sees weather as a greater threat than those who manifest a present interest and intent to destroy us.

We have a Chief Executive who, while entrusted with a sacred responsibility to preserve and defend this land and its people, shows no interest in doing so.

There will be a judgment day.  For us, it seems to me closer than not.  Yet, where is the public voice of faith and urgency?  Where is the courage?  Where is the leadership?

When we lose faith, we lose the capacity for leadership.

In politics we say: you can’t beat somebody with nobody.  Right now, lacking faith, we have nobody.

” … it will be more tolerable for the land of Sodom on the judgment day … than for you …”

Wake up, folks.