We live in order to attain the greatest possible amount of spiritual development and self-awareness.

Carl Jung

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The above comes from Letters, Volume I: 1906-1950.  How right he is.

A friend of mine asked me recently “who” are these people who do daily damage to one another in this culture and “why” do they do so.

The short answer is that they are the one’s with unexamined lives.

They are the ones who live very poorly and lack any real human development to speak of.  They are inept and their numbers grow each year.  Such is American secularism and the Leftists who lead the ego-parade of the underdeveloped who quest for others people’s property and what is always self-centered and unhealthy for them and others.

As to spiritual life and its development – we drive faith out of culture and pursue extreme behavior like advancing the killing of children in the womb to the status of a fundamentally-protected constitutional right or defining marriage and hence destroying marriage.

Those who suppress faith and avoid anything resembling self-examination and the humility and deeply human scale that it produces destroy what is healthy and good and do so rather completely and in a very short time.

Hold on to your tickets, Friends, we’re on a very dangerous ride.


Prayer Request – Please keep my friend Fran’s brother David in your prayers. On Christmas Eve Day David was rushed to the hospital with signs of serious problems that give us all grave concern.

David is in real trouble and is facing a number of immediate interventions. His health status requires the presence of his family around the clock.

David and his loved ones need your prayers.  Please help.  Thank you.