“There is no one here who has an understanding of me in the full.  To have even one who had this understanding … would be to have support on every side.  It would be to have God.”

Franz Kafka (from his diary)

+ + +

What to say about being human, being an individual?  Well, to be a human being, and individual, is to be alone.  And then, what to do about being alone?

Being alone is part of the human event, its experience.  Yes, we are separate. We know this at levels that are undeniable, and soon enough in life.

The instinct is to be whole and complete in others.  That is the common regime. You see it in all the desperate efforts to latch on to another, and the fatal miscue that is so common and so transparent: the effort to latch on to someone so they might grow for you, develop psychologically, emotionally, socially, inter-personally.  And you see the lamest of all efforts to insert religion where growth must occur.

Friends, there are no religious shortcuts.  You must first grow and that means live the experience of living – feel its joys, take its risks, stumble along, endure its uncertainties, fall down, get up, be betrayed, deserted, lied to, defrauded, get mad, be angry, sin, fight back, succeed, fail – fall on your knees, contemplate, heal, gain wisdom and laugh all the more for all the folly – your foolishness and that of so many others.

Ah, but in this is the journey from the false self to the True Self, from ego to self, from confusion to clarity, from material to spiritual, from alone to oneness with God.

A word about those who fail to do the personal work but show up at Church and in your life – the lulus with endless prayer cards and no room in their life for others, or even themselves – the fakers, the hiders, the fearful ones – who speak the words while their actions betray their fraud. Oh, you see them in low and high places.  How and why?  Most people do not do the hard work of living. They prefer a “shortcut,” but there are none.

There is no artificial immortality, just the real thing.

And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.

Gen 5:24

Folks its all East of Eden, and then (if you grow and absorb all the bumps and bruises that come with it) – you may know Oneness, you will be part of the Only Story that There Is.

The object here: oneness with God.  Hence, the sacred nature of Separation.

In the end we all seek understanding.  To understand and to be understood. Receiving and being received is our intimacy.  And it is intimacy that gives peace – no greater than with God.