Man bears his fate and there comes a moment when he knows himself vulnerable; and, then, as in vertigo, blunder upon blunder lures him.

Antoine de Saint Exerpeny, in Night Flight

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A recently published book on Prohibition and its dismal failure makes the point that this calamitous federal government exercise at the start of the last century gave rise to the expansion of the federal government during in the 1930’s.  Ten years of central government folly led the way to expansion of the federal state. Yes, fail and get bigger.  That’s Leftist government.

Fail at something and double down.  Find yourself in a hole, keep digging. Extraordinary.

No wonder we have ballooned the national debt and people have lost confidence in the federal government.

It seems that we are not comfortable with our human limitations – our vulnerabilities, so pride extends our ambitions no matter the evidence to the contrary.

Thinking of this book and its observations, it is just remarkable to hear Democrat candidates for their Party’s presidential nomination speak about the further expansion of the federal government without identifying how such an expansion might be financed, nor identify any federal programs that deserve, like Prohibition, to be abandoned, eliminated.

And here is a modest proposal: How about at least one reporter who has read something more challenging that the high tide reports?  Each in their present stupor seems mindlessly to accept any proposal to expand government without questioning the assumed predicate that such an expansion is sensible.

Yes, the human being bears his or her fate; we cause our own destruction. Pride brings blindness, and intellectual apathy. Humility, on the contrary, gives sight and seeks greater understanding.

Apropos, when we fail at something – it is best not to discount the lesson to be learned.