If freckles were lovely, and day was night

And measles were nice and a lie warn’t a lie,

Life would be delight – – – But things couldn’t go right

For in such a sad plight

I wouldn’t be I.

e.e. cummings

+ + +

Last night I saw a focus group of very average Americans (all ages, status, occupations, race, ethnicity and religions) discussing what they feared in American today.  It was quite interesting.

As to what they feared, the group bundled together these things: immigration, ISIS and loss of their country.  These three were interlaced, intertwined, connected – like a ball of string tangled, twisted, all knotted up.

Rather than conclude an incoherence, it was really quite revealing, quite accurate and perceptive.  Indeed, it was in its three parts a very astute recognition.  The recognition: we are losing our identity.

Frankly, the group articulated a very widespread feeling, and may well explain Donald Trump’s popularity.

Perhaps without really understanding what he has done, Trump addresses a very serious issue that is very much in play, namely: identity – personal and national.

Without I being I … things couldn’t go right.

Thank you, e.e. cummings.  Eureka, Donald Trump.

For years our national identity has been under attack, and the ruling elites have done nothing but hasten its demise.  Burning the flag, banning prayer in schools, catering to this group over that group, attacking faith and those who believe, advancing all sorts of ideologically foolishness and fetishes, propounding hatred of country and scorn of self.

The deconstructionists of the Democrat Party of the Left and their wacky institutional allies have had their way – trampled on America, its people, who they are and what they believe.

Bye-bye God, religion, family, marriage, quality education, motherhood, hard work, gutting out hardships, individual responsibility, effort and dignity, local government, common sense, defense of country, a national border, enforcement of our laws, civility, manners, humility, gratitude, community, respect for others and for private property, morality, the sanctity of the child and of pregnancy … on and on …

Yes, the focus group identified the vital importance of identity.

One cannot be well who does not know who he or she is.  Nor can a nation be a nation when each alone must define themselves.  Sad plight, yes – but far worse: a sickness, a nauseating confusion and loss of meaning, purpose, existence.  There is nothing so destructive as self-rejection.  And that is what the godless, secular Left has given us and what must be repudiated in no uncertain terms.

Yet, this is and has been the course of secularism in American since the end of World War II.

We have told lies about ourselves and it is extraordinarily destabilizing.

We are not godless, not socialists, not communists, not unjust, not racists, not bigots, not greedy, not imperialists, not slaves to Big Brother, not in need of the Nanny state nor of ill-formed jurists, nor in need of being saved by self-satisfied elites who are most often confused individuals, living poorly and wrong far more than they are right.

No, we don’t need to be spoon fed blatant self-destructive nonsense that serves others in advancing their fiction for their own benefit.

Secularism in the hands of the lunatic fringe (another name for the elites) has been erasing our identity.

It is now our turn to define who we actually are.

Be who we are and always have been – of God, free Americans – proud of our history and courageous and strong of heart.