God can be denied only on the surface; but he cannot be denied where human experience reaches down beneath the surface of flat, vapid commonplace existence.

Nicholas Berdyaev, in Dream and Reality

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Modern liberalism and those captive to its exclusionary secularism foolishly attempt the impossible: to deny God.  The consequences are devastating: unnecessary disorder, premature death, painfully empty and chaotic lives – both individual and collective.

How does one avoid this state of ill-being today?

I suppose it starts with contingency –  awareness of our insufficiency, our limits – often encountered in death, illness, betrayal or rejection, in our willful malfeasance, an encounter with our absolute vulnerability.  In these we know darkness – the inextinguishable, unconquerable darkness without God.  Yes, in these we know and live radical finitude: one and done … life with only mortal end, the final dark curtain and damp earthen bed and nothing more.

Contingency reveals the interior, the self, the soul, the psyche, the door to eternity – something more, what is everlasting, without end.

Yes, God as radical infinity – the countervailing truth to what is and always will be false: mortality as “all there is.”

In us there is implicit faith, a design we ignore or dismiss at our own peril. Implicit is not an elective.  It is not acquisition.  Rather, faith is within, awakened by contingency, our experience of our mortal limits.

In limits we come to recognize God is Pure Eternal Being; and, our task is to be as we are: a part of the Being Itself, made to contain and know Pure Eternal Being.

Yes, our task is to choose being over nonbeing, to choose life over death. For we find God in contingency, and intimately in being itself/Being Itself – life in the full, life lived in faith that carries beyond contingency.

God cannot be denied, as an antecedent reality cannot be denied.  Our contingency is surpassed by that which is not contingent and who in making us – leads us to exceed contingency through His Being.

Yes, it is foolish and most injurious to deny God.  Modern liberals and secularists do this, and they are foolish and injurious.

We are whole, integrated only when we do not deny what is eternal and not contingent.

God is a being absolutely infinite; a substance consisting of infinite attributes, each of which expresses His eternal and infinite essence.

Baruch Spinoza, in Ethics

In secular culture one is better off being counter-cultural.