One day the last portrait of Rembrant and the last bar of Mozart will have ceased to be … because the last eye and the last ear accessible to their message will have gone.

Oswald Spengler, in The Decline of the West

+ + +

If you doubt that we are in decline simply sit in a coffee shop in the morning and listen to people.  Good God!

The incessant chatter resembles nothing so much as chickens pecking on pavement – loudly, without discretion in what is a public place.  No shame. No common sense.  No idea of their ignorance and obvious expend-ability.

Yes, loud people with nothing to say.

Take the guy that talked loudly for thirty minutes, without interruption, about motorcycle wheels.  Or take the obese, excessively loud guy, wearing a tee shirt and a far too small, cheap man’s soft hat which sat on his large head like a parakeet on the board behind of an elephant, whose silence came only when he was stuffing his mouth with cardiac-killing something or other.  He talked as if he was a corporate maven; yet, his words – inflated to match his ample girth.

We are a piggish lot.

Truth is the coffee shop shows you how far we have declined.  What easy pickings we are for the hateful ones who wish to kill unarmed innocents.

Yes, when you stop for coffee you are more vulnerable that you think. Look around.  No one in view could serve in the military; they are, in or out of a conflict, a liability, a danger to you – dead weight.

We are weaker than you think.



[I know this post will seem harsh to some of you.  However I tell you this: if you are in a Paris music venue among the people I describe – you are at real risk. Has not the pendulum swung?  Are we not now, in the circumstances we face, responsible to one another?  I say “Yes.”

No more living the life of a self-indulgent Hollywood screw-up.  The game is on and it is here – not overseas.]