The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because of what is behind him.

G. K. Chesterton

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In a nation of mature men and women, one can sense the turn toward war. It is heralded by the recognition of what is loved, and what precedes the moment – yesterday, and yesterday, and yesterday … those who loved you and those who fought for you, died for you …

Yesterday – to be cherished, preserved and sustained.

The turn to war comes on you in calm, a resolute state.  The spring is cocked and ready – tension arrested, ready to the touch.

The Twin Towers, Marine Barracks, Iranian hostages, Fort Hood, Benghazi, San Bernardino, “death to America” chants … Sadly, challenges find us now and again.  Some are harder than others.

You feel it inside.  It is either there or here, us or them.  You think about your children and your children’s children.   Better there, and better them.

Fate is unavoidable.  The cards get dealt.  We play the hand.  Play it together – – – as one.

Anger turns calm and calculating, the face shows no emotion, the hand is steady, the foot makes no sound on the stair, or the ground – silence foretells action. Calm betrays the business at hand.

We cannot live outside history nor let political “correctness” interfere with truth, distort reality, corrupt our intelligence and our security, erode our constitutional right to defend ourselves and our loved ones, our faith, our land, and our liberty.

Mature, sober minds know this.  The ideological infants of the Left do not. They create greater risk, put us in jeopardy, welcome (indeed, invite) our adversaries.

Ideologues are incapable of leading.  Misguided and indoctrinated, they comfort the enemy and weaken the strong.

Ignore the immature.  Demand adult leadership.

We’re at a titling point.  All that was yesterday is today – and all that was always, is always again.

In making himself independent of God he [man] becomes dependent on the power of evil; for there is no evil in itself, but only because there is God.

Rudolf Bultman, in Existence and Faith

There is evil and there is Good.  Those who are evil reject God.  Defend Good, defeat evil.