Good begets good; evil begets evil.

Paul Auster, in Timbuktu

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Look, it is very simple and just as Auster says.

The pathetic responses of the Left to the dreadful killings this past week at a Colorado Springs abortion center are not only wrong, but evidence of ignorance and evil.

What did these responses miss?

They assigned to a very disturbed, broken and lost recluse an anti-abortion motive.  They referred to his acts as “religious” terrorism.  The later, in particular, points to their utter foolishness.  They also used this event to invoke their gun “control” mantra as if existing laws have been adequately enforced.

Yet the problem is this: they seem constitutionally incapable of seeing in this man: a mentally ill person.

How can anyone in the “health care” and “compassion” business miss that?  Oh, perhaps it is selling baby body parts that blurs their vision.

The man charged with the killings is a fractured and injured psyche if ever there was one.

Sooner one sees that dismembered and broken as he was, lost in the snack in the woods as he was, family-less as he was, this psychologically, socially, emotionally disturbed and tormented man was making a statement about his own dismemberment by attacking a facility that dismembered defenseless babies to harvest and sell their body parts.  He was in a sense the baby fighting back.  The broken soul in fury.

Yes, as Auster says – evil begets evil.  Yet, the baby-destroying folks assign no guilt or responsibility to themselves in this killing.  It is as if what they can have no influence on an unstable, lost and lonely person.

Ya, right.

On the contrary what we do matters, it causes others to react, to suffer, if lost – to further lose their way.

Killing the innocent reduces culture to its basest form – rife with evil.

Laws protecting innocent killing tells you all you need to know about America’s moral state – a shameful state of godless decline.  Such laws befit ISIS.

Yes, evil begets evil.  This is the way it is.


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