I know now, Lord, why you utter no answer.  You are yourself the answer.  Before your face questions die away.  What other answer would suffice.

C. S. Lewis

+ + +

Many wonder why God is silent.  Others wonder why God permits illness or evil.

Each of these thoughts are a question.  A question with an answer.  Yes, God is the answer.  The answer to all dilemmas and all moments and crisis that seem not to have an answer.

What Lewis is talking about is trust.  Yes, trust in God.  Trust is the answer to all questions.  Yes, trust in God is the answer to all questions.

Looking back on my life (soon to commence its 7th decade) I might say long ago I boarded a bus and had a seat next to the window.  I did not know the driver, but I trusted him to my safe passage.

On this long ride I saw beautiful and varied landscapes – mountains and rugged hills, steep descents and gentle slopes, sea and in-land lakes, lazy streams and rolling rivers, tall tress and thick forests, open space and long dry deserts, estates, too, and modest huts of modest natives, and slums with broken buildings and broken faces, and big cities with tall, gleaming buildings with penthouses way up top.

It rained and snowed – sleeted, too, and iced over, and the sun shone and rain was at times horizontal with wind so strong and loud. There was dark of night and bright of day.  Cloudy times and cloudless times.

People got on the bus and got off the bus, children too.  Some forks laughed, others sat for miles in troubled sadness.  Some faces held peace, others quarrels, doubt or pain.  Some said hello, others said nothing.

Trusting the driver, made the journey easier.  He drove the roads that I needed to see.  He made the stops and ushered on the passengers as was his task to fit my need.

Trusting God brings ease to the journey.

God, lead me to trust You on this journey.