Civilizations die from suicide not by murder.

Arnold J. Toynbee

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If you see a front-running, presidential candidate “aping” a disabled man, you know your nation is well into its decline.  Yes, shame on Donald Trump … and on us.

If you have a favored presidential candidate who is so habituated to disorder that her and her husband have left a lengthy trail of varied, shameful personal transgressions, lies and a glutenous thirst for money, money, money and power, power, power, you know your nation is well into its decline.  Yes, shame on Bill and Hillary … and on us.

If you have a president who so disapproves of his country that he cannot defend a its values in the face of Muslim fanaticism and its intentional and clear aggression, you know your nation is well into its decline.  Yes, shame on Barrack Hussein Obama … and on us.

We have done a good number of great things as a people, but we have not faced decline and reversed its trajectory.

We have a real life or death test here and few, if any, show that they understand the gravity of the situation, its causes, and know what to do.

Most in public view have not taken the time to absorb what history has shown us as to the decline and death of a nation.  Ms. Fiorina seems to have an inkling.  I see no one in the mainline media or on the Left with any clue.

Conservatives are more apt to instinctively feel the crisis we face.  One can forget the religious hierarchies on this matter.  People like Allan Bloom, Robert Bork, Robert Coles and others clearly do see this and ought to be read and heeded.

Indeed, over the years wise men and women have chronicled the decline of nations.  Those who do speak of a loss of courage, a preference for displays of affluence over an accumulation of wealth, income gaps between classes, obsessions with sex and its perversions, public demands to live off the state (and others), a sense of guilt that nullifies any desire to defend oneself, the sacrifice of long-held core values in order to “appease” those who despise those values, personal rudeness and loss of consideration of anyone but self.

I suppose from this you can see who we are and what damage has been done to us in the last eight years and in the present moment.

There is, regrettably, no “quick fix.”  Our problems are fundamental.  A change of culture is necessary, yet easier said than done.  Likely nothing can be done without well-informed leadership with courage and conviction.  We would be wise to know the biographies of the great men a and women in West and to study the successful responses to our gravest challenges.

However, if there is a starting point it is you and your local community.  If there is a guide it is most certainly in the our religious heritage as Christians and Jews and a studied understanding of the history and legacy of the West.  Therein, is the repository of right living, survival, and greatness.

Lest we sit and wait for leadership at the top: do not.

As to religion, it is the select local clergy and lay believers who hold the key – institutions play only a secondary role at best.

Our task is personal, daily and of the “make or break” variety.

Dear God, lead us back to you.