Humility is the virtue of men, and their only defense; to walk humbly with God, never doubting, whatever befall, that His will is good, and His law is right.

Paul Elmer More, in Pages from the Oxford Dictionary

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While we may be born of “humble circumstances,” humility is gained slowly in life – awakened in our errors and life’s hard listens: its disappointments, the mischief of others that gets visited upon us, the experience of a world that trundles along without regard to us, our sensitivities, desires and dreams, or our “good” nature.

It is in the hardships that humility arises from within, is stirred to life.

Those born of affluence and in prosperous times do not learn this lesson as quickly nor hold it as firmly as those who have been in the fight from the start. Yes, it is better to not have it “too well, too easy.”

Think about this: What does it do for us to live in a mass communication culture were ease and affluence are touted as the norm?  Where the poor have cable television, a car, air conditioning and government subsidizes for this and that? Or where a college “education,” such as it is now so devalued and absent the imparting of wisdom learned in the ages, is a “gimme?”

Do you think, Dear Liberal, that ease breeds humility and its offspring: wisdom, strength of character, cunning?  Or that your enemies are impressed with your concessions?

Just as I thought.

Look around, people.  There are those among us who will take your lunch money.

Are you among those who know in your heart that the will of God is good and His laws right?  Are you humbled by this?  And thankful?  Do you cling to it as one who knows?