If each man relies on his individual reason for religious beliefs, the result will be anarchy of belief or the annihilation of religious sovereignty.

Joseph De Maistre

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I sit in the November morn, darkness still, listening to the Wexford Carol, a traditional Irish Christmas tune sung beautifully by The Cambridge Singers.

If the boys of ISIS or the secular state and modern liberalism have their way these voices will sing more.

Yes, the Christian West will be gone and along with it: beauty, hope, sanity, compassion, maturity, kindness, civility, heritage, faith, worship and freedom.

It does not take much thought to see that the world has changed its axis, that we have jumped orbit.

The signs are everywhere.

Evidence?  The Nobel Prize was awarded to a man who had no accomplishments whatsoever.  True to the award as given, this undistinguished teleprompter has done nothing of merit, bumbling instead into every imaginable destructive public action possible.

Having failed to learn the folly of electing the uniquely, superbly unaccomplished, we now have Mr. Trump and Mr. Carson, Hillary and Bernie the Bagel – people completely without any indication of excellence in governing a federal republic of 300 million people – actually believing that they are made “of the right stuff.”

Selling insanity, are you?  No, we have more than enough.  All stocked up here.

Ah, how about news from the vaunted academy!

The unoriginal “cry babies” (they mimic the foul balls of the 1960’s) at Miz-Zoo, and the kiddie-farms of Yale and Amherst, are throwing a seasonal tantrum.

At Amherst, a snot-nosed group of the grandiloquent has demanded among other things: an end to twelve “isms,” including “cis-sexism,” “ableism” and various iterations of “racism” – excluding Black racism, of course.

You can probably tell who drafted this laundry list for the ideologically inane. And you can rightly await the pantie-waist administrators to cave and grovel (in show of their unique expertise).

Where or where is there a man who can throw a punch, or has the good sense to use these demands to show students how a paper shredder works?

And what about settling un-vetted Syrian refugees near you (many youthful men of combat age among them) at the height of the spread of radical Islamist terrorism?

Some idea.  That’ll slow the local shopping mall traffic.

Is there not something wrong when the Feds have more IRS agents than FBI agents?

And how about “open borders?”

Hey, why not just send welfare payments to the would-be illegal entrants in their native homes? Checks pegged to their economies would be less expensive to us, and our policing costs reduced to zero.

Yes, pay them not to come.  The Saudis and other Middle Eastern “friends” (save Israel) pay ISIS to stay away.  Oh, wait, does this violate any “ism?”

If I were to identify one particular cause of this insanity, this shift of axis, this orbit jumping –  I might pick the separation of faith from reason and the rejection of our centuries-old Western identity.

Intellect alone shows itself to be a badly disordered guide to life in a violent, hostile world where evil occupies the vacuum.

Left to reason only, we get what we now have: an unwanted surplus of ideological nitwits living an extended adolescence of no accomplishment, commonsense or life skill.

From campus to White House – children all, destruction aplenty.

Man’s claim to be like God has been rejected once more; not one foundation of the life of civilization has remained unshaken.

Paul Tillich