… faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

Heb 11:1

+ + +

If you watch closely you’ll see faith.  Yes, faith is real and visible.  It is in the small acts of believers, the courage of those whose lives appear beleaguered, challenged daily.

I saw faith in my mother.  When money was tight, as it often could be, she’d sit at the dinner table with me.  I’d have a bowl of macaroni with tomato sauce, bread and milk and she’d be next to me sipping a hot black coffee and smoking a cigarette.

“Mom, you’d not eating?”  “Oh, I’m not hungry tonight.”

My mother’s faith fed her.

She receded so I might proceed.  I would eat and she would not.

I saw faith in my wife Sylvia.  She was shear courage in the face of a devastating and dreadfully painful cancer.  She trusted in God.  Her mantra when pain was worse was this: “Be still and know that I am God.”

Sylvia, my Jewish wife, died with a Crucifix on her pillow because a friend gave it to her and because Sylvia had faith.

Faith was her comfort, her pain medicine.

My mother and Sylvia knew that life brought difficulties but that believing in God trumped any difficulty that would arise.

Sometimes we get discouraged.  That is because others get discouraged.

Those not yet fortified by faith show us what it is to be discouraged.  But look around, fix your eyes on those who show you faith in the midst of adversity and faith in the discipline and confidence they exhibit in their daily journey amid hardship and modest circumstances.

Have faith.  It is real.  With faith, we excel.