We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing one’s wings on the way down.

Kurt Vonnegut

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[I believe in the creative ability of every person.  I believe that each of us has a unique reason for being.  I also believe that we doubt this and live in a country that is now governed in a way to dissuade us of our reason for being and our creativity.  This post is designed to ask you to create and live your reason for being.]

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There is too much conformity and faux individuality – the independent thinking of the herd.  Yes, a poor imitation of life – a flunking grade … shallow breathing, low pulse, flat brain waves, no laughter.  The herd.

Artist Richard Serra in Blank Verse

an original

carving up the physical voids/compelling people to see … experience/… feel the space

gravity defying feats/tilt but never topple/questions:structure-gravity-balance-time – – – and the human body/impossibility of standing and the possibility of falling

unpredictable, stormy/direct, honest/endearing/intensity as plumb line/internally driven/obstinate/internal necessity/preordained

the Zen gardens of Kyoto/you … become the content/redemption in an unusual form/no longer ruffled by the chaos.

What is your original?  Do you dare find it?  Know it?  Seize it?  Or is the herd just fine?


Note – I credit a wonderful article on Richard Serra written by Kelly Crow in The Wall Street Journal Magazine of November 2015.  These selected words are from that article, strung together as blank verse.  So I ask: “Wings or Herd?”