Life wants you to be able to fully receive and give affection and love.

Bryant McGill, in Simple Reminders

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Can a person love you who does not understand you?  No.  They cannot.  Those people love what they want not what they have.

To be loved is to be received.  One cannot receive what one does not understand.  Love is reception.

One loves whose heart takes in, accommodates another.  Yes, like Christ whose heart is the house with many rooms.

Those who love have suffered and in the suffering learned of others and their suffering.  Suffering properly engaged takes in another, others, all others.  He who suffers understands and loves.  He who suffers exceeds his own boundary, is bold in gentle and wise ways.  Yes, like Jesus when he meets the woman at the well and sees and receives her life, her past and her present in entirety – and invites her in.

Only those who understand you can love you.  Perhaps that is way love is so special and so rare.