There is something in the depths of our being that hungers for wholeness and finality.

Thomas Merton, in No Man is an Island

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Until you live fully the life you have been given, you will not be at peace – know contentment, be ready to depart … be prepared for eternal existence.

Yes, you have a task here.  All those who are angry and disordered have not come to wholeness. Yes, they victimize themselves and deserve not our concerns.  Those who jail themselves bargain for the cell they create.  They are not our responsibility.

Much of what modern society does, particularly exclusionary secular society with its centralization of power and menacing mass communication, is, frankly, sowing disorder and keeping us from wholeness and finality – perpetuating emptiness and confusion, violence of varied sorts – from sexual confusion and abuse, to inter-personal hostility, constant noise and distraction, constant motion that is valueless and exhausting.

Yet, we need not be trapped.  We exist and have autonomy – provided we do not become preoccupied with the nonsense that is foisted on us and makes us sicker (yes) and easier to control.

To come to wholeness and finality is to be independent, aloof and hence immune from the insanity.

Yes, wholeness and finality make for us a lonely vigil.  But it is our call, if we wish – a call to use the power and abilities we have in us, in the gift of life God provides.  A life lived in use of the capacities God has planted in us is our purpose, our vocation – our path to wholeness and finality.

You need not fear the problems or their pain.  You need only live all that is your endowment – material and spiritual.  With that disposition, even injury is gift: all is converted to wholeness and finality.  Loss and betrayal are but things that strengthen us, focus us, develop us, deepen us.

How sad it is to see so many – especially groups of people – who discount God and themselves by thinking that they and their group are consigned to defeat, enslavement and darkness.  For some groups this is a particular pathology played out in their misshapen story.  They are self-defeating, faithless and turn to anger and violence against themselves and their scapegoats, the ones they blame for their own failure.

Awake: “no human being can stand the perpetual numbing of his own powerlessness.”  (Thank you, Rollo May.)

Seek wholeness and know the contentment of finality.