Freedom of mind requires … the presence of alternative thoughts.  The most successful tyranny is not the one that uses force to assure conformity but the one that removes awareness of possibilities. (Emphasis Added.)

Alan Bloom, in The Closing of the American Mind

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The recent brouhaha over John Hardwood and his CNBC colleagues treatment of the Republican Presidential candidates during the most recent debate was fitting, but it misses the mark – it fails to see and categorize the actual problem.

It is not that Hardwood and company were rude, asked poor questions and showed bias and hostility.  No, it is that they show the poor level of education carried by the media.  They are not educated, but rather indoctrinated in the pabulum of the Left.  They have not independent thoughts only superficial and unexamined, ideological cant.

Indeed, the problem is that colleges no longer educate.  They indoctrinate Leftist nonsense which breeds a smugness and closed-mindedness in each of them.

Alas, that is the larger and more important problem far beyond bias – which is, by the way, only a way-station along the road to intolerance and tyranny.

Our friend Mr. Hardwood’s biography shows us the footprint.

He speaks with but an undergraduate degree having labored at liberal enclaves: PBS, NBC and The New York Times .  His parental pedigree shows a father who worked at The Washington Post (an established house-organ of the Democrat Party all the way back to the New Deal) and a mother who was a devotee of Robert Kennedy.  Good folks one presumes, both leaning Left.  A dutiful son who follows.

The point to me made is this: a college education does not mean one is educated, only indoctrinated.

What we saw in the CNBC debate (and see in any such event) is not rude people but inflated Leftists who know nothing but the Party line.

The predicate to almost any question they raise must always be challenged and they must be further instructed lest their minds remain closed and their authority unchallenged and unearned.

Truth is that very few candidates possess the knowledge, gumption and skill to undress the questioner for the benefit of all. Education ain’t what it use to be.

Time to raise more hell than corn.