Every one of us turns away from his problems, if possible, they must not be mentioned, or better still, their existence denied …

Carl Jung, M.D.

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Yes, I suppose we have that tendency.  And we do see it manifest in many of our most basic and essential human relationships – often parents who demand only good news and subservience to the degree that reality is denied and a life and household of lies is born and enforced to the detriment and great psychological cost of all.

The temptation to make all things simple at the expense of truth is a deadly trap. Taboos yield their deep damage.

If you wish to be ill-equipped to live a healthy and full life in this world: deny the existence of reality and you will reach your deadly goal.

Life is troublesome.  It is messy.  It produces uncertainty and doubts.  It brings us to chance, and seeming happenstance, and even overt disregard and injustice. Yes, to evil.

Deny problems and you deny wisdom, insight, strength, cunning, faith, superior understanding and experience, and stability in the gales and high seas that are part of life’s journey.

Yes, darkness descends – don’t take it personally.  It’s just life.  The sooner you learn this the stronger you are and the more faith becomes The Comprehensible Companion.

I’ve known this right from my beginning.  I have lived it many times over in the choppy seas and strong winds when sun and shore were out of view.

Suffering is the substance of life and the root of personality, for it is only suffering that makes us persons.

Miguel De Unamuno, in The Tragic Sense of Life

Facing problems, not denying them, made me better and wiser, more content and resilient, allowed me to fight when necessary, and love far better.  It will do the same for you.