Our culture has lost any clearly defined spiritual standards and aims, and our cultural values have become impoverished.

Christopher Dawson, in Judgment of the Nations

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Dawson wrote this in 1942.  Seventy years ago.  He is so right.  We see this now.

I have tried to alert my readers to the fact that we have lost our spiritual existence, or at least badly strayed from it and the appreciation of how absolutely vital consciousness of spiritual existence is to our national and personal welfare.

The importance of spiritual reality is indispensable to our health, power, prosperity, peace and community.  Without it, we do untold damage to our nation, our selves and others.

Public policy absent a spiritual base cannot be but flawed, and badly so.

We are trying to live and govern without spiritual reality, without caring for and developing our spiritual being.

In thinking about this I am reminded of chapter one in Alan Watts excellent book Behold the Spirit written in 1947 and republished in 1972.

In the chapter, entitled: “The Epoch of the Spirit,” Watts postulates that there can be no “creative and meaningful life” without some “realization of union with God” and that union requires that we live a mystical/spiritual existence.

Watts, a former Anglican priest, foretells of the “collapse of Humanism and secularism” and says this: “In the coming years the bankruptcy of all political and economic substitutes for religion will become increasing apparent.”

This is where we are or are surely headed.

Further, his view is that the basic doctrines of Catholic Christianity are “essential to reason and sanity,” that the “mythos of Catholicism must be understood inwardly and mystically,” and that the way this is done is to have “a symbolic apprehension of revelation of the deepest spiritual realities.”

I assign his observations to all Christians and Jews, to all religious faiths and those who hold them. The point is simply this: to internalize our relationship with God, to live spiritually, to make this our core reality and let it guide us in this mortal life.

Alas, we have an exclusionary secular culture and a government, media and leftist political party which is utterly dismissive of, and hostile to, the faith, the faithful and religion.  In this they advocate chaos and demise.

Confusion and destruction are the only possible results when God is so exiled.

The chips are down.  How will you live?