… Jesus entered the temple … overturned the tables …

Mt 21:12

+ + +

This is, of course, taken from the passages which describe Jesus objecting to those in the temple who were abusing faith, attacking it and subverting it by using it as a way to make money, for their own selfish, illicit purposes.

It is wise to understand that this incident occurs when Jesus is preparing to enter Jerusalem to endure his Passion, his crucifixion.  It is also wise to remember what occurs right before and right after this incident in order to see and comprehend what it means to us today.

When approaching Jerusalem he instructs two disciples to secure a donkey (a lowly beast of burden) and bring it to him (so he might fulfill the words of prophecy which proclaimed that King will come mounted on a donkey).

After the incident at the Temple and his healing of the blind and the lame there, he spent the night in Bethany.  On the next day, on his way back to Jerusalem, he encountered a fig tree without any fruit and he condemned this fruitless tree and it withered at once, telling his disciples that they must have faith without doubt.

So we have a decisive act in the temple, and the withering of the fig tree and the proclamation that faith without doubt is required.

Does this not challenge us today?

We seem to let others, and there are many, attack our faith while we remain docile.  We overturn no temple tables.  We condemn no fig trees.  We let presidents and lesser public officials, judges, various special-pleaders, the media, the entertainment industry, the dubious intellectual class, the Left and others attack faith while we remain silent, inert.

Yes, our inaction shows a thin faith and an abundance of doubt.

There is no more time for passivity.