Because of his affliction he shall see the light in fullness of days; through his suffering, my servant shall justify many, and their guilt he shall bear.

Is 53:11

+ + +

These are the words of the Prophet Isaiah.  He is speaking of the Messiah to come.

Yes, foretelling of his suffering, but telling us that he will see in his life the fullness of his days and we, too, shall know that light of fullness, the Light itself.

Yes, suffering surmounted by Light and the wisdom of that Light gives the fullness of our days – suffering notwithstanding.

We need not carry the hurt of past sufferings.  These sufferings need not impair us nor keep us from our fullness.

Think about it, you and your spouse have a misunderstanding or dispute.  There is no question that you love one another.  But the hurt of the dispute lingers, becomes an impairment to your relationship – dampens the love that is established.

Would that be so if you knew the Messiah?  Knew that his Father’s love exceeded all suffering and we, as his kin, have license to that same triumph over hurt, even injustice – which, of course, was his plight – not mere dispute, but death was his plight.  Yet, he loved – confidently loved.

Love, you see, is triumph – everlasting.  If you find love, if another loves you unequivocally (which is rare in this world), have you not a glimpse of the Messiah?

Are not all differences between those who love, and all suffering of any sort, exceeded by love, by the Love of God?  Do we not see this in Christ?  Know it in Christ?  Live it as Christians?

We have Jesus and he has been tested in every way.  He is ours and we are his.

Love.  Yes, those who love us as he loved us conquer with, and in, us – all that we might suffer.  (Heb 4:14-16)


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