… the Church is founded on a rock, men built thereon … From time to time an examination has to be made not of the foundation “which is Christ Jesus” but of the lower courses of masonry laid by man.  (Emphasis added.)

Vincent McNabb, in From a Friar’s Cell

+ + +

Ever try to understand why the Church today seems to have stumbled into bad political situations and positions, to have taken views in matters that seem contrary to Christ and common sense, tilted to the Left, readily accommodates paddy-cake modern liberalism and its public policy and divisive advocacy, easily adopts trendy special pleadings, seems absent of an understanding of economics, national security, the world as it is encountered outside the secure walls of religious station and its protected hierarchy?

It is best explained by this: first premises – second premises.

The first premise is Christ.

Yes, that is still the foundation.  And, yes – the Church and our clerics do rest in this.

However, it is the second premises that are the problem.

Ah, the second premises – those uninformed views that flow from the first, the articulation of belief expressed in mortal life, the often ill-advised positions advanced in the everyday collisions of a difficult world.

Yes, one sees the Church and its clerical hierarchy and its members jump from Christ to disarmament and retreat from the world.  From love to a nation without borders, creation of an inter-generational dependent class and economic policies that stifle growth, and rules and regulation that cripple prospects for prosperity and access to the middle class and affluent life.

Stay close to The Foundation and live it.  As to the masonry – watch out.  Listen carefully.  Use your own judgment, draw your own conclusions.  Second premises often point us in the wrong direction.

We are all called to discipleship – as princes, priests and prophets.  Take this seriously – the times now demand it.