Among my patients … over thirty-five – there has not been one whose problem in the last resort was not that of finding a religious outlook on life.  None of them had been really healed who did not regain this religious outlook.  (Emphasis added.)

C. G. Jung, in Modern Man in Search of a Soul

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It really is remarkable how ignorant the American Leftist is.  They attack religion, dismiss its value and advance the idea of society without a place for faith.

One wonders if they read?  Think?  Read those who might think differently than they do? Challenge their beliefs by reading those things that might challenge them?  Make them re-think their cock-sure positions?

Do they realize that Alexander De Tocqueville in his first volume of Democracy in America identified religion as indispensable to republican institutions in America? Or that in his second volume, written in 1840, he saw that religion’s vital role in American democracy was threatened by radical individualism?  Or that women were critically important as protectors of moral life?

One wonders how exactly the American Leftist thinks morality is conveyed from one generation to another in a culture that has citizens of multiple origins, languages and customs?  One wonders as well how they can advocate open immigration without any thought as to how these men, women and children can be integrated into the United States or how their inability to be integrated changes in a fundamental way the nature of the United States?

It appears that the American Leftist thinks little of how transcendent meaning is experienced by men and women.  Or how standards of personal and public conduct are established.  Civility maintained.  Community held together. Relationships between different groups, races, classes or the genders, or the young and the old are maintained.  Allegiance to country.  The preservation of country, itself.

Ignorance breeds destruction.  We have seen this.  We see it now.

Religion is necessary … because it is involved in the nature of man and in the nature of things.

John Lancaster Spalding

Think about it.