Silence … is the voice of God.

Jerome K. Jerome

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It seems inevitable that when I enter the waiting room of a doctor’s office for a morning appointment, I sit and hear the voices of Hoda Kotb and Katie Lee Gifford chatting away endlessly on their mid-morning TV talk show.  It is, frankly, sheer torture to endure this.

The constant noise of modern, secular mass culture is “a sinister eviction.”  It is a barrier to our self, our soul – our interior life, to any moment of quiet and listening, a costly distraction, the lost of a vital frontier: silence, and a vital necessity: God.

We are in constant noise, held captive to meaningless distraction.

Those who commonly speak in public (on television, in particular) seem constitutionally unable to be quiet; and, worse yet, they seem unable to register a useful observation, or tell fact from fiction, or offer anything resembling insight.  Rather, they possess in their chatter no illumination whatsoever.  One thinks, in hearing them, of crazed, chirping caged parakeets unable, even by chance, of stringing together something of value.

In the constant noise of mass communication, and I include the addictive habit of texting, we lose much and one thing most needed: the capacity to listen – a vital skill in human communication, and human intimacy.

If all chatter uselessly, who listens?  If texting is constant, how much value can it maintain?  What is plentiful is cheap.

Noise is the preeminent leader in the modern industry of distraction in secular culture.

Ever wonder why secularist government and its mindless operatives attack faith? Faith offers silence and in silence – reflection, access to self, God, and the instinct to independent existence, to insight, meaning, thought as a prelude to useful action, as indispensable to being a human being.

The purveyors of constant noise are slum lords intent on keeping our habitation sufficiently disordered that we will need, and hence submit, easily to Big Brother, the Nanny State with all its inducements to comply with their inane directives.

In silence God speaks.  In constant noise, God is silenced.

Think of Jesus –

Rising very early before dawn, he left and went off to a deserted place, where he prayed.

Mk 1:35


Please Remember – In October 1981 Egyptian President Anwar Sadat was killed by radical Muslims in his army because he struck peace with Israel.  Have we learned from this?  Do we remember?  We must live in harmony, to have peace.