… God chose the weak of the world to shame the strong …

1 Cor 1:27

+ + +

This is St. Paul speaking truth in a Scriptural passage entitled “Paradox of the Cross.” (1 Cor 1:20-31)

It makes me think of so many things, but key among them is this: God’s ways are not the ways of this secular culture.  No, secularists miss entirely the governing reality of the world, a world made by God.  In this, they miss God and the vast reaches of understanding that flow to those who are Believers.

Too many of us are converted to this world.  Its demands and routines, its tempo and dialogue, its structures and labels, its fears and temptations.  Better we build on solid ground.  Better we become intimately aware of the Paradox of the Cross.

Too many times the gifts we have been given – like the gift of kindness and sacrifice – are shunned because others in the world take advantage of us when we are as we are divinely made.  In this we are joined to Mary and Jesus, to the martyrs and saints, to God.

Be strong.

In receiving God’s gifts, we receive God.  In living as God made us to live, we walk with God and do vital things He has made us to do – no matter how the world receives us, even when the world rejects us.  We are His servants, His chosen ones.

Think of Jesus in the garden of Gethesmani.  He wished “the cup” of his sacrifice would pass from him, but he acceded to God’s will, His Father’s plan designed to benefit all of us for all time.  (Lk: 22: 39-46)

Think, too, of God’s call to the small shepherd boy David.  (1 Sam 16: 6-13) Read and remember God called the smallest and youngest shepherd boy, David the son of Jesse, to lead His people.

You may be thinking: I am not called.  I am small.  Weak.  A nobody.  No.  You have been called to be as you were made by God, to witness – to play a vital part in God’s plan for all, for all eternity.

Do not be converted to this world.  Do not listen to the present day Pharaoh and the pharisees. Those who command your attention are not God.  Listen to those who have listened to God.  Be one with those.  They are the sheep of your flock.