” … we have … Jesus, the Son of God … one who has been similarly tested in every way … So let us confidently approach the throne of grace to receive mercy and to find grace for timely help.” (Emphasis added.)

Heb 4: 14, 15, 16

+ + +

A good friend of mine and his wonderful, sweet significant other are heading off this morning to two doctors: he to his follow-up on throat cancer and she for newly diagnosed breast cancer. Your prayers for them are welcome.

This and our present state of godless secular chaos brings me to grace – the grace of God.  And to detachment.

In the present day we live with little appreciation for grace.  So here is a primer on grace, “sports fans,” friends and you princes and princesses of New England.

Grace is God’s kindness given to those who do not (and cannot) by their own acts “earn” it.  Grace is a gift freely given and no trial in life trumps that reality.

Yes, facing troubles – grace is given: in hard times you see the love you have for others and they for you.  You draw closest to God when the bullets are flying and gales of struggle descend on you.

Think about it.  Who causes the heart to beat?  Who has an eternal home for you and calls you to it when your work here is done?  Who creates love in the human person?  Who gives the faithful an unconquerable will?  Who gives us laughter and defiant confidence, and good and rebellious cheer in time of battle?

Remember, Christ is “a game changer.”

Our brothers and sisters in Judaism were bound in covenant by the law.  They lived in a sacrificial regime of ritual and forgiveness.  In Christ all who believe are afforded forgiveness because He died for our sins – past, present and future … yes: into the endless future, for those not yet born.

He came to fulfill the law given to our Jewish brothers and sisters as foretold by their prophets.

The gift of Christ is pure Grace.  Plain and simple: grace.  This, by the way, is why Spirlaw is called “Spirlaw” – the law of our brothers and sisters is fulfilled in Christ!

Think for a moment about law and its limits.  Grace is the Believer’s state of existence, our perpetual protection, what makes us invincible, immortal beings, free, content.  It is not law.  It exceeds law in its power and presence.  It is God within and without – our ever-present hope and source of immortality, wisdom and strength.

If you wish in one simple thought to understand what harm is done by the secular Leftists and modern liberals, and by our present secular government, you need only to understand that they rely on endless and self-contradicting laws, regulations, rules, prohibitions, proscriptions.

They are bound in law and without any sense of, or respect for, God, God’s grace or faith and people of faith.

Folks, laws and centralized regulation are cynical and distrusting of the person and of God. Government is inured as to Christ and hence Christ, and Christians and faithful people are now unwelcome, suspect, the enemy.  This is the source, more than anything, of our troubles – an intentional godlessness that moves us back to a pre-Christian time of savage conflict.

A word on grace and detachment.

Thomas Merton points out in Contemplation in a World of Action that a monk (think: believer) renounces the life of agitation and confusion that the world offers for one of order and clarity which he knows as “the fruit of the Spirit.” Yes, we have the grace to discern and detach.  Is it not time to overtly reject the godlessness of secular culture and its proponents who are destroying what we once possessed – one nation and one people under God?

You know the answer.