God only comes to those who ask him to come; he cannot refuse to come to those who implore him long, often and ardently.

Simone Weil, in Waiting for God

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Human beings desire differently than do animals.

Over the recorded history of the human person we see that we seek meaning, ultimately hunger for the infinite, for eternal existence, for life everlasting, for love, for joy and contentment, happiness and harmony, peace and tranquility.

This, of course, reminds us of the old saying that if God did not exist man would have to invent God.  Yes, in the desires of the human being we see plainly at the center our desire for God.

But what happens when that desire is subverted, its voice silenced and those who seek what is natural to them are unwelcome, exiled, outlawed?  Well, the human being is not a human being.

Yes, sickness and disorder follow when what is natural to us is deprived, stifled, belittled.

The Left and modern liberals like to aim their criticism at business and free markets claiming the each seeks only profits and hordes its earnings as if that flaw is the cause of all human suffering and but for that we would be well unto ourselves, perfect in every way.  They are in this rank materialists – blind to anything that is not material.

Illustratively, the Left and modern liberals vigorously oppose with gusto the place of God in human life and community.

They opt for ideology as a foundation stone and would have each person find satisfaction in the images they wish to create through ideology as it and they replace God with their questionable genius. Yes, like gnostics of old they believe possess exclusive access to the “Holy Grail.”

There is no contentment in seeking power any more than there is in seeking only wealth.  Neither can satisfy the human heart, feed the soul, bring contentment and joy – and no claim to earthly power or wealth brings eternal life.

Look at human history: contentment comes to saints and mystics, not to kings and Leftist ideologues and those carving power or wealth.  Union with God is what breeds contentment and joy, eternal life and peace without and within.

The United States was founded on the right principles insofar as it held God and relationship with God as that which allows the human being to flourish and live in harmony.

Alas, we are losing this wisdom, our identity stolen.  The perpetrators?  The secular materialists of Left and modern liberalism in the media and in politics, in social policy and in the courts, in special interest groups and a political party and the faux intellectual class that cares neither for God nor the welfare and full development of the human person.

Man without God is no longer man.

Nicholas Bredyaev, in The End of Our Time

Focus on what is at stake.  You have likely not lived in any time with so much at risk.

You are being presented with what a culture is like when the human person is absent.