My Apologies – Late Post Due to Computer Cable Issue

What compels us to create a substitute from within ourselves is not an external lack, but our inability to include anything outside ourselves in our love.

Carl Jung, M.D.

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Intimacy is an interpersonal transaction, a state of being of emotional closeness where each person enters the space of another without causing discomfort.

In intimacy we experience close, familiar, loving personal relationship built on deep, personal knowledge, understanding and acceptance of one another.

Intimacy demands we examine who we are, come to know who we are (the pluses and the minuses), share ourselves openly and candidly with one who has done the same thing.

In a culture that does not encourage self-examination and reflection many have little of themselves to share.  This is made all the more the case when culture stresses appearance over substance.

An image culture such as we have makes intimacy harder to find and experience.  Likewise a culture of radical individualism does intimacy and its residents no “favors” as to intimacy.  In such a culture, sexual conduct displaces intimacy – the physical displaces the reception of self and other.

In truth there is less intimacy in mass secular culture than once existed in a less secularized, more diffused culture where localized experience in smaller communities was a common circumstance.

Sadly in families we find parents who do not know themselves and are unable to share themselves with their children.  The product of this is often, adult children who cannot share themselves easily and, hence, do not come to know the experience of intimacy.

A hyper-political, mass communication, affluent, exclusionary secular culture makes intimacy all the more difficult to find and experience.

Without intimacy, life is quite hard to live – quite hard.