The Gospel lives in conversation with culture, and if the Church holds back from culture, the Gospel itself falls silent.

St. John Paul II

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Pope John Paul II knew that it was not politics that controlled people but culture.

We in the West have lost that truth and would be wise to recover it now for we have become through the reign of modern liberalism a crass, cheapened and corrupted culture which has everything to do with our loss of character as we distance ourselves from faith, belief and God.

Sadly our politicians are usually the last to know that the stakes have changed and the risk we face is at the brink.  They debate policy as if culture is invisible, and our decline nonexistent.

Yet, one candidate for the presidential nomination on the Republican side seems to comprehend the spot we are in and the indispensable place of culture in defining the welfare of a nation, the West and its people.  That candidate, Ms. Carly Fiorina, recently said in commenting on the government funded pro-abortion group Planned Parenthood’s harvesting for sale of unborn children’s body parts, that their conduct (and by implication this election) ” … is about the moral character of a nation.”  Amen.

I applaud her accuracy and gumption it laying this out for all to face … for all to face.

I might make this even plainer: modern liberals in my lifetime have moved closer and closer in the politics of abortion to Josef Mengeler, the Nazi doctor who performed grotesque experiments on death camp captives.  Selling body parts of unborn children pretty much gets the modern liberal there.

It is time to ask oneself: Who are we?  What have we become?  Is politics more important than our character?  Morals?  Our soul?  The innocent?  The innocent unborn?  Do we have no limits?  No conscience?

Make no mistake, any one who would lead this nation today must know that it is culture and us that must change for the better and that is a question of morals and character and puts in play one’s spiritual existence, faith, belief and relationship with God.

Only the faith of Christ gives rise to a culture contrary to egotism and death.

St. John Paul II

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