” … a sword will pierce even your own soul … to the end that thoughts from many hearts will be revealed.”

Luke 2: 35

+ + +

These are Simeon’s words spoken to Mary foretelling of her son’s journey and the anguish and heartache it would bring her.

Why would we think of life and journey any other way?  And can we not see that in suffering thoughts from other hearts grow?

Yes, life’s journey has many trials.  Life is a testing time, the heart so often stretched and pulled, but strengthened so long as we engage the journey and the trials in it.  Yes, we can teach, inspire, lead by the manner in which we face trials and our sufferings.

In trials we see the dark side of the moon, of the human being and life itself. We think God is missing in such times, yet more to the point we are being taught, schooled, coaxed to our fullness and to a fullness of being with His silent presence outside and within.

The valleys, steep inclines, stumbles and falls cannot to avoided.  It is the trials that reveal the secrets of the heart, the soul and self.

“The discipline of creation … is an effort toward wholeness,” so says Madeleine L’Engle in Walking on Water.

Yes, life is designed for wholeness.  There is no wholeness without trial.  Has the universe not had its pains?  Is creation painless?  Why would we think life has no struggle, no tests, no trials?

We are born of others to become us.  Trials serve a purpose.  Yes, we must look inside to know wholeness, our whole self and others as they are.  Those who fashion a state or state of being that “nannies” us – destroy us.   It is only in the fully lived and examined life that we come to wholeness.

The conflicts of your life are gold.  You grow in those conflicts.  Do not shun them, go to them to find out who you are and grow in love and understanding in them.  They are gifts, when properly considered.