Only the conviction that it is the darkness within that makes the darkness without, can restore the lost peace of our souls.

Friedrich Froebel

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What Froebel said above is true for the human person and for culture at-large. If you wish peace and health, a quiet soul – seek to distance yourself from what is dark and destructive, turn your eyes away and your heart follows.

How might you do that?  Ask yourself, what do I watch?  How do I speak?  What captures my time? What do I read?

Lay down what is disturbing.  Oppose what corrupts.  Seek the company of those who do well to one another, not ill to one another.

I find quiet helps.  Being in nature, too.

In an errant culture it pays to pull away so you might be alone, or with others who are in the light, not the dark.

Of course, drawing closer to God is critical.  But how?  It is simple.  Pray that God might bring you closer.  Find a church that touches your heart, cultivates your better self and visit it.  I find reading good things, words that nourish helps a great deal.  Try to do that daily.  Open the Bible.  Become familiar with the Gospels – read their short stories, think about them.

Pray that God brings you closer … and pray that we might as a culture draw closer also.