The breakdown of morals is a matter of life and death for the liberal state.   After heedlessly squandering the Christian heritage on which it has lived so long a time, the day is now come when it has to make a choice: either draw openly from all the sources of religious life and thus survive, or else let them dry up and thus itself to perish. (Emphasis added.)

Etienne Gilson, in Ensign, March 1952

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I read recently about a small impoverished village in northeast Poland that suffered the homicidal social engineering of the Nazis and the communists during and after the last World War.  The details were hard to read, even for me – a former Army officer, one trained in foreign policy and raised among the violent Irish mob in Boston.

Why?  Simply because the insane cruelty of totalitarian regimes is too strong an undiluted, inhumane reign of evil to be read and imagined, let alone contemplated or lived.

I cite just a taste.

The 1941 Nazi occupiers required the local inhabitants to “cleanse” the down of it Jewish neighbors. Fearing for their lives rape, stoning, drowning, and murdering others with the tools used to till the land followed.  Many of those not killed (including women, children and the elderly) were herded by their neighbors into a barn, doused with gasoline and the wooden structure set afire.  Babies were tossed into the flames.

At War’s end the Communists occupied Poland and the village, and tyranny was extended in this small impoverished village as Big Brother surveyed the population.

Yes, children were born to fathers who murdered and played with Jewish children whose parents had escaped Nazi death.  For years victims of tyranny were left to know they victimized, and little was said or done about it.  Terror lived among the captive “survivors” of Nazis homicides, insanity and evil while the ominous gray of a police state hovered over Poland and the villagers.

Totalitarian books are not easily balanced – particularly in silence.

This account made me think of Putin’s troops entering Syria – the Communists and the Nazis in present day iteration, each with deadly hatred of religion, willing to kill where belief is rival to their insanity.  And it made me think of our present government and its silence, its ideology and their adherence to it rather than truth and duty to our defense and security.  And it made me think of ideology and ideologues and how they become blind to God, disinterested in those who are not them, do not carry their fractured belief system such as it is.  And I thought of the “free” press in the ideological state and its adherence to the popular political dogma – lapdogs to the opinion of the powerful, they sleep on reality and treachery so as not to disturb the ideological narrative of the people of the present state fiction.

An Age of Logs and Dogs?  Yes, we live among “logs” and “dogs.”  The ideologues who govern and the lap-dogs of the popular press and media (with but a few exceptions).

The breakdown of morals is a matter of life and death.  The tale of little Jedwabne, Poland, tells us that just as present events in Syria and the Middle East do.

” … heedlessly squandering the Christian heritage … 


Note – These are serious times.  It is best we think about where we are and correct what needs correcting.  You might want to begin with prayer, fervent prayer.