I shall always be more certain that God is, than what He is.

William Hocking, in The Meaning of God in Human Experience

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How does one balance the troubles of this world with the never ceasing presence of God in the world?

Perhaps, this might help.  Think about the mystery of God.

What do I mean?

One might think of God as the mystery which shows itself and then withdraws – a presence that is at all time present and absent, that is: beyond presence – a pre-present presence, a never ceasing presence … but never captured and never domesticated by the limits of human experience, or human understanding.

That said the troubles of the world can never bind us, nor its rejections, its heartache, its losses and betrayals, its illnesses and its violence.  Man can do nothing to curtail God or the mystery of God.

In this ambit is the radiance of the gift of God.  Yes, aging alone is conquered by this ultimate reality.  Oh, man can – as man does – pursue his or her follies in small and grand scales, violence and selfishness but that cannot dissolve God and the ever-present mystery of an ever-present God.

Yes, alone and amid the harshest circumstances there is you and God.  There is always, and in the end, just you and God.

Live each day in the ever-presence and this will bring you above what travail you may face – individual or collective.

Live in the mystery of God’s presence each day.  All the fretting to the contrary, nothing exceeds God and God’s dominion.

To live each day in the ever-presence of God is, in a way, to live as a monk among others.

In a world which is increasingly in chaos, I recommend living daily in the ever-presence of God.