Victory over modern liberalism will require a robust self-confidence about the worth of traditional values that … liberalism has already seriously damaged … This is at bottom a moral and spiritual struggle.  (Emphasis added.)

Robert H. Bork, 1997

The real crisis we face today is a spiritual one; at root, it is a test of moral will and faith.  (Emphasis added.)

President Ronald Reagan, 1983

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Opposition politics today is not about policy and surely not about tweaking the business of government and established big-government programs.

Yet none of the opposition candidates have shown that they understand what a significant percentage of the electorate does: that our nation is being re-defined and lost, its once reliable institutions destroyed, its citizens targeted, faith unwelcome, God exiled, courts as agents of nihilism, executive action – lawless, unilateral and contrary to our national security and interests.

Yes, we face a spiritual crisis, one of moral will and faith.

Yes, the United States and Western Europe are at serious risk because of the ideas and policies of the Left and modern liberalism.

We face a spiritual crisis, one that jeopardizes the fundamental nature of America and the West and our survival.  The battleground is – what we believe, our spiritual existence.

Our candidates, lacking comprehension of the nature of the conflict we face, do not speak to the damaging change in culture and country that has been visited upon us by the Party of the Left.

Nothing less than a head-on assault on the thinking that the Left embraces and promotes in its public policy is required; and that, today, means a scope of criticism that engenders the spiritual needs of people and the spiritual damage Leftist thinking has presented to us in the last 60-70 years.

The leadership we need must be wise in matters of faith and spirit, have the ability to articulate and explain the damage caused by the Left’s destructive thinking, policies and ideas, and the public presence to strip the bark of the Leftist tree with intelligent insight, wit, warmth, and commanding presence.

We face a time not unlike the 1st Century of Christianity in which we stood against the tyranny of the Roman Empire and the self-limiting ways of the existing religious hierarchy.

Challenging?  Yes.  But this is the rarest of opportunities to be overtly Christian again – strong and unflinching, unashamed and determined.

We can do this one by one.  Christians have stood against oppression since 33 A.D.  This is our heritage, our identity.