“The love is from God, and of God and going to God.”

+ + +

These are words spoken by the old man in the desert to Lawrence of Arabia.

Does this not make sense?  If God is Love and God is Creator, are we not from Love and, all things considered, journeying back to God by design, in concert with our nature, and God’s nature?  If so, then isn’t our reluctance to journey – unnatural, and does this not explain the chaos we see that is in the end simply godlessness?

It follows that we are born in Love and yet know little of it, or God until we enter the journey of life, living from child to adult – from knowledge that is interior and present more in instinct and nature than it our knowing.  It is in life, a life fully engaged and lived as it presents itself, that we come to know love/Love/God.  We journey from unknowing, to knowing.

This knowing enlivens the soul – joins what is innate with what is known, as our life deepens and our platform broadens – such that we find peace in our understanding and leave ultimately all below what is God.  In knowing love/Love/God there is a tranquility and a resignation that we in aging come to a companionship with Love and all other people and things which are love, or journey to love.  Ah, yes – wisdom comes, too – and compassion, and certainty.

“… from God, … of God … to God.”

This is the journey, and it is one of knowing – being open to knowing, not thinking we know without God, relationship with God, with love/Love.

Yes, we come to “know” what we can neither know fully, nor possess exclusively or in its entirety.  Yes, we enter that which is larger than us – both beginning and end, Alpha and Omega – inexhaustible beyond either parameter.  Yes, coming to know what is Eternal, everlasting, all-governing.

Yes, love/Love/God: that which is here and not here at the same instant – present but never fully possessed.  Rather in the good journey, the journey of knowing, taken without reservation, it is we who are possessed and known by the One who Knows each of us.