Sorry to be posting so late today.

 My computer is in for a repair and I am at the library getting a late start on my usually early writing regime.

” … the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers.”

Pat Conroy

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Amen.  How right he is!

If there is one constant I have seen in those who are disgruntled and unhappy it is this: they have not embraced the life that has come to them.  They have tried to “cherry pick.”  They have sought “one of these,” “none of those.” They have mistaken life for a cafeteria where only things they like are eaten.

The more people reject the life that comes to them, the more discontented they are, the greater their disorders, the more unhappiness they create of themselves and others.  Yes, these are the hyper-control people.  Yes, they are destructive – live a lie, indeed multiple and contradictory lies.  Yes, they earn their way to evil. Evil.

Living life as it presents is, I have concluded, the fundamental act of faith, of worship.  If you accept the life that comes to you and work with it, you accept the gift of life – each day in doing so is a day of worship.  Yes, accepting life as it comes accepts the Gift Giver –the One who gave you life itself.

Lest you think that there is magic in one’s entry to religious life, to life as a sequestered religious man or woman, I offer you this: there are no secret entries to living a life, no secret handshakes or specially magic garments – there is only life, the Gift Giver and you.

Live what you are given and you draw closer to God, ignore that, and religious life or not, you will not make the journey and come to meet God “in the quietest chambers.”