Put thy full trust in God.  Let him be thy love and dread above all things, and he will answer for thee and will do for thee in all things as shall be most needful and most expedient for thee.

Thomas A Kempis, in Imitation of Christ

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In the Gospel of John there is a very nice statement about trust.  It arises in Chapter 3, verses 31-36.

In those verses John the Baptist says: “The one who is of the earth … speaks of earthly things” while the one who comes from above speaks of what is above, and above all.  Indeed, John the Baptist then says that those who accept what is said by the one from above (Jesus) places his or her trust in God, a God that is trustworthy.

Trust.  Do you trust in man or God?

By the looks of present American culture, we apparently trust in man and woman, not God.  One need only look at the endless calamity that we create and the waste, foolishness, anxiety and hostility we foster, the lies that surround us.

This, surely, cannot be the work of those who trust in God – no, more like the ill-conceived handy-work of those who fashion themselves the arbitrator of “social” justice and the architects of “social engineering.”

John the Baptist reminds us in this section that the one from above “does not ration the gifts of the Spirit.”

Yes, those who rely on God foster in others a spiritual growth – a conversion to patience, humility, gratitude and love.  Obviously, public policy which is dependent on the questionable genius of the human being unguided by a relationship with God does not foster spiritual maturity and the peace and understanding that it brings.

” … whoever disobeys the Son will not see life, but the wrath of God …”

So says, the Baptist.

Where are you on this trust question?


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