… he that delivered me unto thee hath the greater sin.”

Jn 19: 11

In today news we find that we now have to be concerned about Russia’s support of Syria as well as their military relationship with Iran, and the President’s inexplicable nuclear “agreement” with Iran.

Perhaps someone in the present administration might have recalled the well established truth the “power abhors a vacuum” before pursuing the “Arab Spring.”  But more to the point, maybe someone might have thought of the value of having built over decades good relationships with allies in the region.  Or particularly with our long-standing relationship with Israel.

On the latter point, wouldn’t it be refreshing if someone in leadership had a glancing notion of the implicit historic relationship between Jews and Christians?

How about this for a starting point?  Chapter 19 of the Gospel of John.  Maybe we might expect some modest appreciation that something so obvious would occur to the “educated,” “worldly” leaders who wish to be custodians of our sacred trust, our honor and our security.

The relationship between Christian and Jew has a long and recorded history.

In Chapter 19, Jesus is brought before Pilate.  Pilate’s soldiers mockingly place a crown of thorns on the Jewish Jesus and say “Hail, King of the Jews.” Pilate, with concern as to there being no guilt in Jesus and some apprehension as to the possibility that Jesus was the Son of God, presented him to the mob saying “Behold your King.”  The mob, of course, demanded a crucifixion.

On Jesus cross Pilate had written this: “Jesus of Nazareth the King of the Jews.” Pilate’s truth statement or mockery? Ironically, the first would appear more likely for Pilate.  Might we likewise claim it?

Our lives as Christians are forever entwined with our Jewish kin, our brothers and sisters.  Jesus was a Jew and the Old Testament tells of his coming as the Messiah.  Yet we conduct our affairs today and pay it no heed.  Shame on us. What a disturbing sight to see secularized liberals in the U.S. Congress turn their backs on our brothers and sisters, and see the same in the Executive Branch.

This creates a danger for us and is rooted in our rejection of God and our heritage – a rejection which produces a hubris that leads to failure and defeat.

Can any policy produce a good result when it denies history, betrays a friend, forgets Christ, ignores God?