This is the Post for Thursday, September 3, 2015

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The first demand which is made of those who belong to God’s Church is … that they shall be witnesses of Jesus Christ before the world.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, in Ethics

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My friend John, a lawyer, is taking his vacation time to go to Korea and speak to law students about the role of faith in their professional life.  His message will be simple and direct: keep God at the center of your life and be alert to this, our professions – like our education – can easily occupy the singularly dominant place in your life – do not let that happen.

Our professions are not who we are.  We are so much more, so much more sacred beings than a title we carry that man has created.

We are first God’s chosen one, one who God desired to form and to whom God has given life in all its abundance, all its possibilities and range of experience.

John and I have known for some time that our professions take a great deal from us if we are not careful.  Oh yes, it seems like doing the good deeds of a lawyer is a life well spent.  But at the price of God – its value dissipates quickly.

John and I have seen many a man and woman whose lives are in disarray, even ruin simply because they lost track of God.  We know from our experiences that a career without God cannot bring happiness but rather its opposite.

Remember Dear Friends – we are not called to a life of success, but rather to a life of holiness and the contentment that comes from a relationship with the One who called us into being.

Keep God at the center of your life and your work and contentment will follow.