Without courage we can never attain to true simplicity.  Cowardice keeps us “double minded” – hesitating between the world and God.

Thomas Merton, in Thoughts in Solitude

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We cannot live suspended on a string of indecision.

Time does not comfort the hesitant.  There is no faith in hesitancy.  The road demands choice.  The hesitant are soon enough compromised, converted, destroyed.

In Cormac McCarthy’s spell-binding book The Road we accompany a loving father and his young son in their journey in post-apocalyptic America and we see in them true simplicity and its pure faith in all its strength, in the face of devastation and its changed landscape – exterior and interior.

At a point in the beginning of the book the son captures a gray snowflake in his hand, it is described as “the last host of Christendom.”  A few pages later the father and his son come to a lake and the boy asks if there is fish in the lake. The father replies, “No.  There’s nothing in the lake.”

No fish, no fishers of men.

Yes, hesitancy has its costs.  Hesitancy kills hope, and the soul.

As Thomas Merton says: all the while you cling to the visible supports you think you possess, you deny “the authority of the invisible God.”

We are seemingly the masters of this fatal denial.

In our time exclusionary secularism and all its strands entangle the hesitant, deceive the undecided and as sure as night is dark choke the life out of us, one by one – individually, and in group assemblies of one collective falsehood or another – some “ism” or faux grievance designed to distract long enough to kill the soul.

” … the one who doubts is like a wave in the sea that is driven and tossed about in the wind … he is a man of two minds, unstable in all his ways.”

Jas 1: 6, 8

The apocalypse need not be nuclear, you know.  It is likely to be more subtle, more effective and more deadly.

To kill the soul is to kill the human person.  Hesitation has its costs.


Note – To live well, think metaphorically, see the story before you – find your place and exceed the limitations of what is false.  God bless you.