I have found Demetrius like a jewel, Mine own and not mine own.

William Shakespeare

Dedicated to Sam Doran and his family as they bury Sam’s father today.

+ + +

Wisdom is all around us – given to us in words and song, in nature, in art and architecture, in religious narratives, ancient stories in all cultures, in careful view of deeds and misdeeds, in scenes and experiences large and small.  Yet, we miss it or, worse yet, out of ignorance and sickness may destroy it.

Above are the words of Helena in Shakespeare’s A Mid Summer Night’s Dream. Words of wisdom about love.

Love – “mine own and not mine own.”  A most peculiar and magical possession, held against time.  What?  Held against time.

Love exists as possessed and not possessed.  Does one not love he or she who has died?  Is that not a love still possessed.  Do you not encourage your beloved children to go forth and find their way and do so as a generous act of love when we might otherwise wish them near?  Is this not love possessed and possessed again when not possessed?

Love that is “mine own and not mine own” is love eternal, an introduction to the mystery we live in life, and to God, to the journey to God – a God who is Love.

Love that is “mine own and not mine own” liberates me and those we love – frees them and us to live fully in the Mystery, without fear and full of sweet memories and the certainty of what is eternal and far beyond the cage of mortality with all its grasping, fear, anxiety and dread of loss.

Think of love.  Explore it.  Grow in it.  Meet what is often missed.