Symbols are deeper than words; speak when words become silent; gain where words lose meaning; and so in hours of holiest worship the Church teaches, by symbols, truths language may not utter.  (Emphasis added.)

A. M. Fairborn, in Catholicism, Roman and Anglican

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Psychiatrist Carl Jung held the view that religion was full of symbols with important psychic value, that is: symbols that revealed our self to our self, that provided wholeness and health.

That being the case, religion leads us to a whole self, a self fully and safely revealed.

What if, as is the case today, a culture dismisses religion, individuals reject religion?  Well, illness and disorder ensues.  A culture and its people become sick, unhealthy, psychologically disturbed – and few have any self-knowledge and wisdom becomes rare and utterly unrecognizable to the populace.

Rather sounds like today.

Imagine if you have a leader who is among the sick, one who rejects religion as unnecessary.  Or you have legislators and members of the Supreme Court of the same ilk, local city councils with the same view.  Well in these circumstances, children are killed in the womb, their organs harvested and sold, marriage gets redefined, estranged young men with drug histories walk into churches and kill innocent people attending a prayer service and police are told to go easy on violent urban rioters.

It stuns me that we are unable to see the nature of the problems we encounter or understand the course of illnesses pursued by those who would govern.  How can the sick and the blind lead?  And what of the purported scholars?  The media pundits?

It is never a good thing when disordered people wish to govern others.  Need we ever say more of exclusionary secularism and humanism?

Religion is the supreme art of humanity.

Abba Hillel Silver


Note – One of the big problems of today’s Church is this: it is not aware of the nature of secularism and its devastating consequences to the society, government and the individual through its hostility to God and faith.