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Thank you for staying with me during my two week absence.

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Blessed are the clean of heart, for they shall see God.

Mt 5: 8

+ + +

You may not recognize this Gospel passage but it comes from The Sermon on the Mount.  You and I see God when we have a clean heart.  The cleaner the heart, the better the vision.

This makes sense.  If we purge ourselves of prejudice, anger, envy, fear, hatred, pettiness and such, we are moving toward God by becoming more who God made us to be, and – frankly – more like the God we seek, the God who made us and all Creation.

How does one progress to a pure heart?  I offer an answer within your easy grasp. Prayer.  I will go one better.  I will offer you a very simple centering prayer – one you can use daily and not forget.

In centering prayer we draw to a quiet place and fix on one phrase and repeat it, dropping the first or last word each recitation until we are left with one word – the essence of our desire.  You may want to repeat each line more than once.  I usually recite each line three times, in quiet with my eyes closed.  In doing this, my heart is settled and I focus in ways that I most often cannot.

Here goes:

Make for me a pure heart.

For me a pure heart.

Me a pure heart.

A pure heart.

Pure heart.


Yes, in seeking a pure heart, you need only ask God and your prayer will be answered as this desire is internalized and you become more conscious of it daily.

God bless.  We meet again, on Tuesday, next.

Peace be with you.  Thank you for your continued interest and friendship.  We have culture to change, and a faith to share.  Tally-Ho!