Friends, I am moving to be closer to my family.  Yes, boxes, duct tape, rented truck and all.  As you can appreciate this is an involved process but to assume more Grandpa-time and be closer to my son and his family is WELL WORTH the effort.  That said I will take time away from writing while I settle in.  I assume about two weeks ought to do it.  I need, for example, to secure an internet hookup.  This will be the first time I have not done a daily post in about five years.

I invite you to review past posts by category.  There are over 1600 past entries – all grouped by category.  Sorry for the absence.  I know that you understand.

God bless, Bob. 


We see the most proper image of the beauty of Christ when we see beauty in the human soul.

Jonathan Edwards

+ + +

Ah, yes.  But do we see it?  Do we see beauty?  See Christ?  Know our soul?  Our self?

Or are we a culture blind to beauty?  To the soul?  If so, then to Christ.  And what a cost.  The cost of life itself, and our wholeness, peace and health – physical, psychological, social, emotional, interpersonal and spiritual.

Without beauty we are blind, lost, dismembered, alienated, confused, in pain, sick and unsettled.

Why is beauty ignored?  Has it ever been the focus of your “education?” Do you recall a single book, or lecture or quotation about beauty?

Why not?  And who is to blame?  What does this say about life as it has been presented?  As it is presented?


See you in two weeks.