Sing praise to God, sing praise; sing praise to the king, sing praise.  God is king over all the earth, sing hymns of praise.  God rules over the nations; the princes of the people assemble with the people of the God of Abraham for the rulers of the earth belong to God, who is enthroned on high.

Ps 47: 7-10

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When you turn on your television news show or public affairs program, do you hear people praising God?  Or do they praise man, themselves, government, a political cause, idea or ideology?

Do they elevate man?  Elevate man and never mention God?  Elevate man above God?

If you answer “yes,” you are living in a culture that glorifies man over God.  In such a culture, ideas (usually reflective of rote and superficial understanding of a chosen ideology) are touted for their value and the “promise” of happiness they will bring to us.

When you listen ask yourself: Does he or she who wishes to lead us or influence us give any evidence that they “belong to God?”  Do they live as such?  If not, they are not fit for leadership.  For to lead one must be humble and reside below God, not above God.

Once society is launched on the path of secularization it cannot stop in the halfway house of Liberalism, it must go on to the bitter end, whether the end be Communism or some alternative totalitarian secularism.

Christopher Dawson, in Religion and the Modern State

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