Purity of soul cannot be lost without consent.

St. Augustine, in On Lying

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Such a simple proposition.

What does it say to us?  I suppose it speaks to discipline.

When all around you are undisciplined and making poor and destructive choices, it is your turn to seek what is good and that invokes disciplined living, choosing what is good, doing what is good.

When all chatter mindlessly, be quiet and select in what you say.  When the culture bombards you with images, select carefully those that are wholesome and good.  Ditto with news as it is conveyed, and with those who would pretend to lead.  Select those who add to what is pure and good.  Reject the others.

Consent, too, is significant.  When the nation was formed its founders had specific thoughts in mind.  They expressed their beliefs, the predicate for union.  When subsequent individuals depart from the vital predicate – the expressed ideas that gave rise to the union – consent evaporates, and we are no longer bound together as we once were.

If our founders believed that freedom and equality were deployed within a moral order arising from their religious understanding and that belief is ignored, consent is breached.  Union no longer holds.

Purity, then, seeks that we be disciplined and that consent be prized and expended on that which is pure and good.

Our soul is not lost without our consent.  Its purity is ours to protect.

By purity God is made captive in me, purity makes me God-conscious and conscious of naught beside God, purity begets detachment.  The pure soul has a light-birth as it were, purity is satisfied with God alone.

Meister Eckhart