I believe that the more we think, the more we become convinced that the instinct which asks for equality is a low one, and that equality, if it were completely brought out would furnish play for the lower instincts and impulses of man.

Phillips Brooks

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These are the words of a noted Protestant pastor, and staunch abolitionist, in 1897.  They appear in his book New Starts in Life and Other Sermons.

Equality.  Lower instincts and impulses.  There you have it.

Imagine if our vaunted luminaries had any depth of intellect, any depth of spirit – any grip on history, any schooling in theology, social psychology, done any reading in analytical psychiatry, were versed in the classics.  How different life would be. But alas, we have lemmings, and lemmings do not elevate the conversation or the public conscience.

‘Tis best not to take your lead from lemmings.

Sort of makes you wonder if public luminaries made the nails for Christ’s Cross.

From the very beginning the modern mind has missed the real source of man’s equality with man.  It does not know what makes a Chinese coolie the equal of a Roman cardinal.  It is the fact that they were both created by the same God to enjoy Him fully for all eternity, a destiny that dwarfs all accidentals, social, economic, intellectual … With the necessary grace they are equally capable of attaining it.

Robert I. Gannon, in After Black Coffee


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