Ray, people will come Ray … for it is money they have and peace they lack …

Terrance Mann, in Field of Dreams

+ + +

This is one of the memorable lines in a very memorable movie entitled Field of Dreams, a movie about a man and his wife (Iowa farmers) whose dreams prompt them to build a baseball field on a portion of prime agricultural ground on their farm.

For those who have not seen the film, the couple (along with Terrance Mann, a prominent author who joins them in their journey) follow faithfully their instincts and apparent clues to build a baseball field and do so without knowing exactly why they are called to do so, in order to see just what it is that awaits them.

In a word, they acted and lived on faith and instinct.  They lived a supernatural reality – and harvested the apprehension and disapproval of others who lived in the world of material “reality.”

Of course, in the story the farmer, Ray Kinsella, meets in the end his deceased father with whom he was destined to be reconciled – a man reunites with his father, a former minor league baseball player called back to earth to play on the Iowa field that Ray and his wife have created.

Why am I writing about this?

One, it is a remarkably good movie and story from an equally good book.

But, why is it remarkable?  Because it shows us a man and his wife and new-found friend Terrance, living out a spiritual existence, letting the Spirit lead them. And why is that useful?

Well, today we are sliding backward at a rather astonishing pace.  And we are doing so being led by the “intellectual,” the material-ones, the “politicians” and policy people … regrettably soulless and tone deft.  You see it virtually everywhere – nuclear negotiations with a terror state that seeks to destroy us, creation of reckless government promises for which there is no limit to cost and no ability to meet the costs, the ignorance and social nihilism of judges … and the list of foolishness goes on.

What is a person to do in such a calamity with its dire consequence?  Break with “logic.”  Live in the Spirit.  Detach. Focus on what is eternal and beautiful.  Live your faith.  Sequester yourself from the nonsense, and those who live in it and foist it on you.  Yes, assume a 21st Century monastic existence, a contemplative life.  Let the fools bludgeon each other.  Opt out of the insanity.  Choose what is pure, quiet, certain, removed.  Reject the expectations of mass culture.  Live free and with circumspection.

When Jesus heard of it, he withdrew in a boat to a deserted place by himself.

Mt 15: 13