The least initial deviation from the truth is multiplied later a thousandfold.


I post later today.  My return to Indiana was delayed.

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I have seen the words of Aristotle played out in families and manifest their consequences in multiple generations. No less so, by the way, in the mistaken ideas of intellectuals and their special pleaders who wish to have others conform to their perceptions without dissent.  Ditto public policy.

As to families the deviation from truth or its outright denial appear like this: Mom and Dad prefer their own narrow (or mistaken) range of “reality” to truth and force their views and way of life (such as it is in its disorder) on to their children. And, their children, in turn, pass this along to their children.

We manufacture inter-generational illness in just this way.

Yes, this is avoidable – but to be avoidable, people must seek what is true and live with it.  Shaping “reality” to our designs is always a loser, a costly choice for us and all around us.  We are, you see, not the authors of life or of its truths.  We do best by learning what is true and living by and with it.

Ask yourself: What are the ageless truths I know?  What truth has been passed on from generation to generation, century to century?  If it is survived throughout human history, it likely works and works to our benefit.

Seek truth, or be ready for the consequences – which are not good, and surely painful.